Covid-19 SOP (as of 1st May 2022)

As the country enters the endemic phase, new COVID-19 guidelines have come into effect on the 1st of May in order to facilitate the transition to the new norm. Here is what we need to know:

1) Facemasks
• Indoors: Masking is compulsory. It should be noted that “indoors” includes public transport and e-hailing rides.
• Outdoors: Masking is optional but encouraged in crowded places.

2) Social Distancing
• No longer required.
• However, social distancing is encouraged when not wearing masks.

3) MySejahtera
• Check-ins using the app are no longer compulsory.
• Entry to all premises are allowed regardless of one’s vaccination status.
• However, those who are of ‘High Risk’ or under Home Surveillance Order (HSO) still need to check-in using MySejahtera.

4) COVID-19 Positive
• Those who are COVID-19 positive are required to quarantine for 7 days.
• However, under Test and Release, those who test positive have the option to undergo a supervised RTK-Ag test on the 4th day.
• Should they be tested negative, they may be released from quarantine.

5) Travelling
• Fully vaccinated travelers and children below the age of 12: exempted from pre-departure and on-arrival COVID-19 testing.
• Partially or unvaccinated travelers:
– 2 days prior to departure: Must take RT-PCR test.
– Within 24 hours of arrival: must take a supervised RTK-Ag test.
– Must quarantine for 5 days.
• It should be noted that all travelers entering Malaysia no longer need COVID-19 insurance before entering Malaysia.

6) Banned Activities
• The National Security Council’s negative list (banned activities) that was published on the 1st of April 2022 will no longer be applicable.
• This will come into effect starting from the 15th of May 2022.