Housewives’ Social Security Scheme (SKSSR)

The Housewives’ Social Security Scheme, also known as Skim Keselamatan Sosial Suri Rumah (“SKSSR”), is an insurance protection scheme for housewives. This insurance protection scheme exists because wives who do housework are at risk of accidents while carrying out their responsibilities. 

Who does it cover?

It should be noted that the scheme is not only for full-time housewives. As such, coverage encompasses:

  • Full-time housewives
  • Working wives (i.e. those who work day jobs and do housework afterward) 
  • Single mothers
  • Widows 
  • Unmarried women who perform household duties

However, the scheme only covers those who are under the age of 55. In addition, coverage also includes Malaysian permanent residents.


According to Socso chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed, benefits under the scheme came in two categories:

1) Domestic injury benefits

This includes medical benefits, temporary disablement benefits, constant-attendance allowance, facilities for physical or vocational rehabilitation, funeral benefits and survivors’ pension.

2) Invalidity benefits

This includes morbid allowance, constant-attendance allowance, facilities for physical or vocational rehabilitation, funeral benefit and survivors’ pension.


The scheme provides a range of medical benefits and compensation payments from RM300 to RM50,000, depending on the severity of the wives’ injuries sustained at home.

For example, wives with total permanent disabilities such as the loss of a hand or foot, severe facial disfigurement, loss of eyesight necessary for work or afflicted by total deafness will receive RM30,000 in compensation. SOCSO will also pay out RM300 in compensation to wives who lose part of their toes. 

There will also be an RM250 monthly allowance for wives who need constant aid after their injuries, including RM200 per month for dialysis treatment for those who suffer from end-stage renal failure.

Besides, housewives will also be entitled to an RM50,000 maximum compensation for physical rehabilitation. SOCSO will also provide a one-off payment of RM2,000 for the families of the deceased housewife.


The fee for the 12-month insurance coverage is RM120. It should be noted that payment has to be upfront. It should be noted that there is no wage limit for eligible recipients to contribute to the scheme, with all recipients receiving the same benefits from paying the RM120 fee.

Who makes the contribution?

  • Husband
  • The woman herself
  • Family members
  • Any 3rd party on the husband/woman’s behalf (e.g. upon request, employers may make contributions through salary deduction.)

It should be understood that while no action will be taken against any husband who does not contribute, those who have signed up to contribute and fail to maintain it monthly will be fined RM10,000. However, according to Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M.Saravanan, “In the event of a divorce, the husband loses his job or an accident that makes him unable to contribute, the contribution can be cancelled within 60 days. However, the reasons given must be reasonable.”