To The Best of Your Knowledge:

  • Under Rule 17A Road Traffic Rules 1959, it is illegal to use a phone while driving. The offense is a non-compoundable summons, so a court settlement is necessary. If found guilty, you face a maximum fine of RM1,000 or a maximum sentence of three months in jail.
  • You risk getting into trouble with the police if you utilize a mobile device while driving, use navigational apps, or talk on the loudspeaker.
  • In the case of a second conviction, the offender is subject to a fine of up to RM2,000, a maximum sentence of six months in jail, or both.

What is the penalty in Singapore for using a phone while driving?

  • Repercussions for using a mobile device while driving: the penalty for using a mobile device while driving is a maximum 6-month sentence in jail, a maximum $1,000 fine, or both. This is under section 65B (1) Road Traffic Act 1961.

Why is it high-risk to use a mobile phone while driving?

Cell phones divert our attention from the road, which is dangerous. This diversion could endanger not only you but also other drivers. Such diversion may be fatal.

The chance of an automobile accident might be increased by the following distractions:

  • While driving, lose track of time
  • Unable to handle the steering wheel control
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • During an accident, there is a lapse in response

Use of self-regulatory techniques to prevent using a phone while driving

Determining if and how drivers self-regulate their driving to offset the impairment brought on by phone usage is crucial in order to focus on this issue. The potential compensatory behaviours associated with using cell phones while driving, such as stopping the car, slowing down or reducing speed, increasing headway distance, limiting lane changes, and paying more attention to the traffic situation, have recently received attention in studies documenting the impact of mobile phone use on driving safety.

How can you ensure your safety while driving?

The following are some doable safety recommendations that you can use to lower your risk of accidents:

  • Observe the three-second rule to maintain a secure distance between vehicles.
  • When overtaking or making a U-turn, use the turning signal.
  • Crossing multiple white lines is prohibited.
  • Don’t take the wrong route when driving
  • Do not drive while intoxicated by drugs.
  • STOP the vehicle during the RED light
  • Be alert to motorbikes and the blind spot of your car.
  • Maintain a safe speed.
  • Be a safe driver, and use the HORN when necessary.
  • Make sure your car’s brakes, wipers, and turn signals are in proper functioning condition.


In any case, texting takes your focus off the road, thus using a phone while driving is risky. Although a lot of people claim that texting just diverts your attention from the road for a few moments, they fail to recognize that during those few seconds, anything could happen. Hence, in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the road, please drive safely. Turn off your phone and maintain constant concentration on the road. It is risky and distracting for any drivers to use their cellphone, whether it is hand-held or hands-free. Your safety comes first!