Letter To Developer For Letter Undertaking

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Dear Sirs,

Re:    Vendor        :    
    Purchasers    :    
    Property    :    

We refer to your letter dated 20th February 2020.

We are pleased to forward herewith the following for your necessary action:-

(1)    BBB cheque no.            for the sum of RM1,700-00 made in your favour being the agreed administrative charges; and

(2)    BBB cheque no.            for the sum of RM625-00 made in favour of ________________________being service charge from Oct 2005 to March 2006 (RM570-00) and insurance 2005/06 (RM55-00).

We would like to inform you that:-

(a)    M/s. BayBank Berhad of No. 1, Jalan Bay, 11123 Khota Badu have agreed to grant a loan of RM121,500-00 to the abovenamed Purchasers to finance the above Property; and

(b)    that the Purchasers intend to apply for withdrawal of “EPF”.

In view of the above, kindly forward to us your Letter of Undertaking in favour of BayBank Berhad and your standard letter addressed to “EPF” for our further action.

In the meantime, we enclose herewith four (3) copies of the Deed of Assignment made between the Vendor and Purchasers for your endorsement and return.

Thank you.

Kindly acknowledge receipt on the duplicate copy hereof.

Yours faithfully,

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