How To Register As Voters In Malaysia

Registration of voters for Malaysians abroad is divided into two categories:
o         Postal Voters / Absent Voters consisting of:
·          Armed forces that are in service.
·          Government Personnel (Federal Government, States Service or local authorities) who are in service abroad.
·          Individuals studying full time abroad (only if they are sponsored by the Government).
·          Spouses to the list above.
o         Normal Voters
·          Comprising of Malaysian Citizen other than sated above.
The office of Malaysian Missions overseas will register the voters on behalf of the Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR). This registration exercise is only done periodically. Malaysian Missions abroad will make an announcement for the registration and checking of the voting list when requests for it to be done.
Malaysian Mission will assist you with the registration process. Among the documents required for registration are:
o         Identification document that confirms the applicant’s cotozenship.
o         Three (3) passport sized photograph.
When the time comes for election, normal voters need to return to

Malaysia to cast their votes based on the area they have registered in. For postal voters, casting of votes is made by post. Voting paper will be distributed once the Mission has received it from SPR.


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