Letter To Developer To Sign R&R

Just Do It Sdn Bhd                                  By Hand/Fax/Post/Courier/E-Mail
No. 3, Jalan Tasik Queenie 2,       
Bandar Tun Sasak,   
54000 Koala Lampu 

Dear Sirs,

Property    :    All that parcel distinguished as Parcel No. B3/10/01, Storey No. 10, Building No. B3 together with Accessory Parcel No 1st Floor/42, Covered Bay, Block B3, Naiki Condominium bearing postal address as C-10-1, Naiki Condominium, Jalan Tasik Queenie 2, Bandar Tun Sasak, 54000 Koala Lampu erected thereon on all that piece of land held under HS(D) 99292 PT 5198, Mukim of Koala Lampu, District Koala Lampu, State of Koala Lampu.
Purchaser    :    Go Bai Kah 
Assignee    :    OABC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
Financier    :    Western Bank Berhad
Loan    :    RM233,000.64

We refer to the above matter.

We enclose herein the following documents for your endorsement of consent contained therein and thereafter early return to us for our further action:-

1.    Four (4) copies of the Deed of Receipt and Reassignment made between the Purchaser and the Existing Assignee; and  
2.    Four (4) copies of the Deed of Assignment made between the Purchaser and the Financier.

We also enclose herein your original Letter of Undertaking addressed to the Existing Financier dated 7 July 2000 for your cancellation.

Kindly acknowledge receipt hereof by signing and returning the duplicate of this letter.

Yours faithfully
For and on Behalf of

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